Welcome to Seisma - where commitment, collaboration, and community, curiosity, and courage define who we are.

At Seisma, our mission goes beyond business. We are dedicated to fostering local economic growth by creating jobs and maximising value for our superannuation fund investors.

Collaborating across diverse sectors, including banking and capital markets, energy, resources, healthcare, aged care, government, and the not-for-profit sector, our team of over 500 consultants is at the forefront of innovation.

With offices strategically located in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Perth, and Auckland, we bring tailored solutions to clients in Australia and New Zealand.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, operating as a carbon-neutral organisation. Our dedication extends beyond profitability; we pledge 1% of our earnings to support social initiatives. One such initiative close to our hearts is empowering Ugandan high school girls through our partnership with School for Life.

At Seisma, we believe in the power of diversity. We foster an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated because we understand that diverse teams lead to stronger collaboration, innovative thinking, and better outcomes for our clients. It's not a choice between being good or doing good — we commit to both.

Above all, Seisma is committed to being a force for positive change. We are more than consultants; we are advocates for sustainable growth, social responsibility, and creating lasting value. Join us in our journey to make a meaningful impact. Thank you for choosing Seisma - where doing good is just as important as being good.

A multidisciplinary team with decades of IT experience.

Our journey

We're on a journey to becoming the largest 100% Australian and New Zealand owned IT professional services group.

Seisma has been a part of the
IT services space since we first registered in April 2004.

From our early days as an augmentation company to becoming part of a larger group. Enterprise investors Liverpool Partners recognised our management teams’ experience and invested in Seisma in October 2020.

In 2020 we also acquired
coIB cloud migration specialists with incredible experience in workplace modernisation and cloud migration.

We purchased Smartapps in
July 2021 which grew our capability in the Salesforce digital platform space and in addition a group of fantastic team members both here and
in New Zealand.

Just two months later, we acquired Braestone, based
in Western Australia who bring an entire workforce and knowledge in business analysis, intelligent systems architecture and capabilities that perfectly complement our existing suite.

Growing our New Zealand presence we acquired New Zealand IT professional services company Fronde in October 2022, which allows for a wider breadth of services and more opportunities to service government, utility and enterprise clients.

In June 2023, we acquired
Data Addiction, a Microsoft
Data and AI business based
in Sydney, enhancing our capabilities in the data and AI domain and giving us access
to a talented team of data scientists, engineers and consultants.