Energy and utilities

The Energy and Utilities industry stands at the forefront of the energy revolution. As the energy sector shifts towards cleaner alternatives, our customers are under increasing pressure to maximise the performance of their infrastructure while also finding more sustainable solutions.

This transformation is not solely the result of technological advancements but is equally influenced by visionary policies and innovative business models.

Our team of experts is committed to assisting not only companies within the Energy, Utilities & Gas sector but also a myriad of other industries in their efforts to overhaul their business strategies, cultivate the growth of their solutions, and contribute to the widespread adoption of electrification and low-carbon technologies in daily life.

We’re dedicated to empowering energy and utility providers with cutting-edge IT solutions that reduce
costs while increasing efficiency, sustainability, compliance and excellence.

Industry challenges:

Complex supply chains

Digital transformation for remote operations

Cyber threats and data breaches

Outdated technological infrastructure

Inefficient data management and reporting

Leveraging our unique insights, expertise, and networks, we can facilitate sustainable and inclusive growth for your energy and utilities organisation.

Application modernisation

Leverage and utilise suitable emerging technologies to enhance operational efficiency, while ensuring compliance.

Carbon emission tracking architecture

Develop comprehensive, real-time monitoring systems that integrate data from various sources, enabling effective carbon management strategies and regulatory compliance.


Solutions to help optimise resource usage, reduce environmental impact, and integrate renewable energy sources while ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and regulatory compliance.

Risk and compliance

Identify, assess, and mitigate various operational, financial, and regulatory risks while ensuring adherence to compliance standards and regulations in the energy and utilities landscape.

Data governance

Implementing agile governance arrangement that facilitates clear and informed IT investment decision making.

Data streaming solutions

Solutions to handle the vast volume, velocity, and variety of streaming data from sensors, smart meters, and grid systems in real-time, enabling timely insights for optimised operations, predictive maintenance, and grid management.

“I'm proud of Seisma's track record of delivering architecture solutions that integrate the IT and OT aspects in the energy and utilities sector. Our expertise in architecture optimises operations and efficiencies across the whole value chain and enables our clients to leverage the opportunities of digitisation within this dynamic industry.”

Michael Copcutt

Head of Architecture Practice

OUR energy and utilities CLIENTS