In the domain of Government and Public Services, technology is key to strengthening communities and preparing them for the future. Through our expertise we develop efficient solutions that drive Government and Public Service projects, enhance citizen engagement and build a connected society.

In a dynamic landscape where governmental and public service expectations constantly shift, seizing the initiative is paramount. Our approach spans the spectrum of government tiers and initiatives, delivering innovative, forward-looking solutions to address today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Whether your focus is on pioneering digital transformation, sustainability, or enhancing citizen services for more vibrant and adaptable communities, our team of central government specialists is your trusted partner. Leveraging our core capabilities, we collaboratively craft bespoke solutions, spanning from climate action to fiscal resilience, to ignite community well-being.

We offer our clients comprehensive IT solutions that ensure streamlined application processes, improved citizen-centric online experiences and data-driven decision-making. Our expertise in grant management systems, legacy decommissioning and end-to-end project delivery maximises efficiency, while the data governance and insights we provide minimise risks and ensure compliance.

Industry challenges:

Legacy systems

Data security threats

Inefficient reporting and data management

Lack of transparency

Regulatory processes

Fraud and corruption

Poor project implementation

Empowering public service excellence with smart solutions.

Grant management systems

Overcoming the hurdle of integrating, automating, and enhancing user experience to ensure transparent and efficient fund allocation.

Program management

Integrating diverse functions, optimising data flow, and ensuring real-time collaboration.

Legacy decommission strategy

Migrating, consolidating, and modernising outdated systems while ensuring data integrity, security, and uninterrupted service delivery.

Data insights

Implementing advanced analytics, robust infrastructure, and secure data governance to harness information for informed decision-making and enhanced public service delivery.

End to end project delivery

Implementing integrated systems, real-time collaboration tools, and data-driven decision-making to ensure seamless coordination, transparency, and successful execution of projects from initiation to completion.

Solution architecture

Designing and integrating sophisticated systems to optimise functionality, scalability, and interoperability, ensuring a robust foundation for effective and future-ready solutions.

Case Study

With the large volume of grants being assessed and granted by the department, the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH)wanted to find more efficient ways to get money out as soon as possible to where it would make a difference in the community. The department established the DFFH Grants Reform project to find a new end-to-end online grants management system.

“Seisma has a unique ability to support government and public sector clients with a diverse range of technology capabilities. Our solutions are tailored to the evolving needs and challenges of the industry, ensuring seamless integration, efficiency, and innovation for the betterment of public services.”

Mark Wighton

Government and Public Services Industry Lead

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