We’re committed to fostering a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment within our organisation.

At Seisma Group, we embrace diversity and inclusion and believe creating a diversified workforce builds better teams, generates new ideas and adds greater value to our clients and their outcomes.

Inclusion ensures that every employee feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute their unique talents and ideas.

Embracing diversity cultivates a dynamic environment that mirrors the ever-evolving tech landscape, enabling us to better understand and serve our clients in a globalised world. By fostering an inclusive culture where differences are celebrated, Seisma Group not only strengthens team cohesion but also paves the way for groundbreaking solutions and sustained success in the IT industry.

We are committed to gender equality and believe strongly in providing women with the opportunities and support they need to succeed in our industry.

We also have an active Diversity Equity and Inclusion Action (DEI) committee who develop strategies and initiatives that promote positive change within our company. The DEI committee aims to promote a culture where all individuals are empowered to contribute their best, feel comfortable being themselves and have equal opportunities for growth and success.

Studies show women are less likely to apply for a role unless they feel they meet every single requirement, but we strongly encourage women to apply for roles within our company even if they don’t feel they completely match the criteria.

At Seisma, diverse perspectives and backgrounds are not only welcomed but celebrated.

As advocates for diversity and inclusion, we recognise that fostering an inclusive workplace goes beyond words. That's why, at Seisma, we actively implement a variety of initiatives designed to cultivate a sense of belonging for everyone on our team.

Here's some of our diversity, equality and inclusion initatives.

Female Future Leaders Program

We support gender equality in the workplace, and that involves creating more opportunities for women to enter leadership roles. Our Female Future Leaders Program matches high performing female staff with a mentor to develop their leadership skills.

Flexible work

Balance is important when it comes to life and work. We understand that flexibility enhances both individual well-being and overall productivity. Flexible work is not just a benefit; it's a commitment to recognising the diverse needs of our team members.

Family friendly benefits

During your employment, many life changes occur such as starting a family. Our benefits are designed to support people throughout life's journey. We offer discounts on fertility treatments, paid parental leave, and hybrid work to help families.

Culturally inclusive social events

Our culturally inclusive social calendar celebrates the rich diversity of our team. By organising events that embrace various cultural traditions, festivals, and celebrations, we foster a sense of unity, understanding, and respect among our employees.

Early Careers Leadership Program

We understand the transformative impact of mentorship, especially for individuals at the early stages of their careers. By nurturing talent and fostering professional growth, this program serves to develop the next generation of leaders.