Using Microsoft to make a difference

We deliver business value using Microsoft Data, AI, D365, and Azure solutions. We advise our clients using our capabilities in strategy, we build solutions in Data, AI, D365, and Azure, and we manage these solutions on an ongoing basis.

We are a Microsoft Data, AI, D365 and Azure delivery partner providing services on:

Our focus is on the value our customers get from our solutions, not just the solutions themselves.

Your challenges

Increase revenue.

Reduce cost and/or increase efficiency.

Reducing business risk.

Achieve compliance.

Enhance customer intimacy.

Introduce new capabilities.

Our solutions

Our Rates Forecasting solution allows councils to streamline, automate, model and present in an effortless manner using the best in data and cloud technology - Download Brochure

Drive growth and profit, enhance customer intimacy and accelerate personalised communication with our Customer Data Platform - Download Brochure

Utilise our LakeFlow data engineering to stand-up and maintain a data estate in Azure - Download Brochure

Plan agile projects, keep a history of all your changes, test your solutions automatically and automate your release and approval processes with Azure DevOps - Download Brochure

AI Activate guides businesses through the intricacies of OpenAI to unlock its full potential - Download Brochure

A unique methodology and approach to Data Migration, which saves you time, money and sets you up to be custodians of your own data – Download Brochure