Taking climate action

December 2, 2021

At Seisma we have an ongoing commitment to ESG leadership and in 2021 we were successful in achieving carbon-neutral certification.

We choose to do something positive to help stop global climate change and take responsibility for our emissions.  Part of the process was to assess our carbon footprint and commit to areas where we can improve as a company,

By promoting our carbon-neutral status, we hope to attract like-minded employees who are committed to supporting our net-zero targets and taking positive climate action.

It is our hope that we can reduce more than just our corporate carbon emissions, but encourage our teams to make conscious choices too.

It was a difficult choice to select a project to finance with our carbon offset.  We chose to support the Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project because the loss of biodiversity is a significant global issue, and the Katingan Project protects a considerable number of endangered and critically endangered species. This project is also the largest forest-based avoided emissions project. Avoiding continuing deforestation is essential, and we believe in the tangible environmental benefits of forest protection as well as restoration.

Our commitment to maintaining our climate-neutral status extends beyond our office based initiatives and the ways in which we encourage our team to make micro choices every day to minimise their personal environmental impact.  We need to all work together to make a difference, and we are happy to lead by example.


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