Introducing NZ's first Chrome Experience Lab

December 11, 2019

On Tuesday December 10th we launched NZ’s first Chrome Experience Lab in our offices in Auckland.

Experience the new way of working.

Experience how a new way of working can transform your business agility, speed, innovation and your employee and customer experience.

Why an Experience Lab?
Technology has profoundly changed how we interact, enabling new ways of working however 75% of employees are trapped in the 90s work practices - impacting agility, speed, innovation, productivity, Customer & Employee Experience.

At Seisma, we think workers need more than just a technology refresh. They need to experience a new way of working before they can embrace it.  Which is why in partnership with Google we’ve build this Lab to help organisations embed this new way of working into their businesses.

The lab provides an opportunity for visitors to experience a new way of working using Google's enterprise solutions and infrastructure: Chrome Enterprise and G Suite.

How can Chrome Enterprise transform your organisation?

Cloud Worker

3 / 4 of information workers are trapped in 90s work practices. Connect your employees by giving users the freedom to work when, where, and how they want while keeping your business data safe.  

Source: Forrester Cloud Worker Report

Grab and Go

76% of employees consider their laptop as critical and would not be able to perform their job without it.  However, employees regularly experience device downtime. Learn how to rapidly get your employees working with Grab and Go self-service.

Source: ESG Group

Frontline Worker

69% of Customer Experience initiatives deliver little to no returns. Find out how you can rapidly and safely transform customer experience through your empowering your Frontline Workers while delivering a compelling ROI.

Source: CEB 2017 Digital Experience Innovation Survey

*This blog is sourced from acquired company Fronde.


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