Case Study

Migrating Probe to G Suite

February 24, 2020

Seisma migrates Probe to G Suite: Generating $1M in annual productivity savings

Probe needed to quickly migrate the new and existing employees, business units, content and communication streams onto one platform.

In 2018, business process outsourcing specialist, Probe, was ready to migrate to G Suite. In the three years preceding, Probe grew from 350 to 1,500 employees, spanning Melbourne, Sydney and Manila. Additionally, Probe had acquired the Salmat contact centre business, and needed to migrate over 2,000 employees as a part of the transition.

This left Probe with a complex challenge - 3,500 employees and no internally unified platform. Probe needed to quickly migrate the new and existing employees, business units, content and communication streams onto one platform. This required a technical partner that could deliver a seamless, risk-free migration in very short timeframe, with minimal interruption to the business and no strain on customer stakeholders or change to end-users.

Probe turned to Seisma, who was already partnered with Salmat, to complete the migration as smoothly as possible. Seisma merged new employees into Probe’s domain and existing employees to G Suite, enabling employees to share a common set of tools and reap the benefits of true cloud collaboration across teams, sites and countries.

Probe General Manager of Technology Innovation and Projects, Rohan Khanna says that since the migration, Probe has seen cost- savings while increasing efficiency, collaboration and flexibility.

“Our business is now more centralised, with increased interactions across regions. Employees have noticed the difference as well - 80% of staff said they felt Probe is now a more innovative business, post-migration.” Seisma also worked with Probe to co-create a Change Management, Training and Communications programme to ensure that all employees received a level of training to fully embrace the new platform capabilities.

Seisma Digital Collaboration Lead, Korrin Balmain says her team works to reduce complexity with easy-to-deploy and simple to use technology.
“Businesses using G Suite can adopt new ways of communicating with greater collaboration in a more connected environment. Our team enjoyed helping Probe become a more agile business, and we are thrilled with the results so far.

”Post-migration, 97% of employees have had a positive sentiment to the change. In terms of ROI, each employee is saving 2.7 hours of work per week, representing $1M+ in annual savings. Google Drive is helping with version control and sharing information while maintaining resilience and security. Video Chat has been instrumental in establishing better communication while reducing the cost and time of travel. These are just a few of the benefits of G Suite.”

"Seisma was able to seamlessly establish a unified platform for our business. During the migration process, stakeholders didn’t even realise the migration was taking place, proving just how smooth the transition was. This has ultimately enabled our business to be more agile, more flexible and more reliable,” Khanna added.

*This case study is sourced from acquired company Fronde.


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