Shadow IT - Digital Transformation By Stealth?

August 16, 2019

So rather than surrendering or ignoring Shadow IT, my advice to IT Organisations is - Take The Lead!!

If you think Digital Disruption is not affecting you - because you work for a large organisation, government agency or SoE, then ask yourself - how much shadow IT is going on in your business?

“Shadow IT – regularly surpasses 30% of a company’s IT spend” Gartner.

After all, shadow IT could be viewed as Digital Transformation by stealth.

Un-authorised IT implementations

The harsh reality is that if you work in IT and the business is implementing technology without your involvement, or if your IT team is viewed as a roadblock to innovation by the business, then you run the risk of being dis-intermediated by your own organisation.

As a consultant, I find it interesting having conversations with industry peers, colleagues and customers on this topic, as there are generally two distinct camps on this issue.

Where do you stand on shadow IT?

The first have surrendered to the business and are trying to deal with the aftermath i.e the myriad of new unsanctioned business applications. The second are in denial that there is an issue and are holding the line with process and policy on their side, as a wall of new IT applications are built around them. The outcome is the same every time, both camps are generally unhappy, and feel ill-equipped to deal with the demands of the business.

Building a digital platform

There are some who have pushed through the necessary changes and are now in the enviable position where they have built a digital platform underpinned by modern tools, processes and capability. These teams wield incredible influence:

  • They can release software over 30 times faster than their industry peers
  • Their operating costs are significantly lower
  • They have the speed and agility to not only satisfy business demands, but to also push the business to bring on the changes and experimentation the business needs

How to get to IT nirvana

I believe the first step is acknowledging the threat, and at the same time understanding the great opportunity this presents to IT organisations, transform to a capability that is highly valued by their business.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" John Kabat-Zinn.

So rather than surrendering or ignoring Shadow IT, my advice to IT Organisations is - Take The Lead!!

How to start your IT transformation

You and your people are best equipped to help with technology transformation of your business and your IT operation.

Start small and grow a modern agile DevOps practice to help bring your people and the business along on the journey.

Start now, get ahead of the wave before you become irrelevant to your business.

If you're struggling with Shadow IT within your organisation, or you want to talk to us about systems integration, contact us today!

*This blog is sourced from acquired company Fronde.


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